Home Consultations

Environment-friendly practices and solutions for your home and family.

A rubbish audit lets us see what sustainable practices you already practice in your home.
We give you solutions for better dealing with your waste.
There are many great reusable alternatives for single-use products.
We are passionate about helping others become more sustainable and are here to guide you on this journey.

Choose the package that best suits your needs

Sow The Seed
Let's cover the basics!
1.5 hour Consultation
Package 1 - Just the basics! Our Sow the Seed consultation begins with an assessment of the sustainability practices already in your home and a rubbish audit. We will leave you with an action plan and lots of strategies to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill.
Worm Your Way
Let's Dig Deeper!
1.5 hour Consultation + 1.5 hour Follow-Up
Package 2 - The basics plus some DIY! Our Worm Your Way package includes our initial assessment and rubbish audit followed by an action plan to reduce landfill. We leave you with some "homework" to get you started and then come back to check on how things are going, tweak systems where necessary and answer any questions that have come up (and there are always questions!)
Extreme Green
Go all Green!
1.5 hour Consultation + 2 hour Set-Up +1 hour Follow-Up + 2 phone consults
Package 3 - You Want It All! Our Extreme Green package is for those who want it all! We are here to help! We begin with an assessment of your current sustainability practices and a waste audit. Our action plan from this will help you reduce landfill immediately. We will do your shopping for you to source your solutions and return to help you get them all set all up. Our third visit is to check how things are going, tweak systems where necessary and answer any questions that may have come up. We will do 2 further follow ups with you over the phone, after 3 and 6 months of the last visit.
The Garden Party
Fun With Friends!
A 2 hour educational session with host and minimum 5 guests
$50.00/head (minimum $300)
Group Education Sessions - So you don't know where to start? And you have some friends that are also wondering how to reduce their impact on landfill? Let's get together for a Garden party! We come to your place and talk trash with you and your friends and leave you with plenty of good info to get you going on your more sustainable lifestyle. These events are tailored to your interests and needs. Want to know how to start a worm farm (and what do those worms eat anyway?), how to use a Bokashi bucket system right in your kitchen, or how to get paid for recycling old toothpaste tubes? We can help with these topics and many more! Contact us to find out how we can fit in with your needs.
One-off Consultations
We're Here to Help!
Hourly Consultations
$150.00 per hour or $100.00 per hour post-package consultation
Just need some advice on a particular topic? Or some help with a certain project? We are here to offer divine intervention, or at least lots of good information! Call an (Enviro) Angel today!

Recycling Basics

We can help you make sense of your council's kerbside recycling, and show you easy additional ways to recycle too!